Information for your customers
Information for your customers
R H O S I N & G I A
About RHOSIN & Gia

"There is nothing more humbling and character building than being an artist…” 

Gia Rose is a 17 year tattoo artist who specializes in ornamental, neo traditional and sacred tattooing. she highlights the powerfully feminine and flora botanica influenced by art deco and traditional tattoo designs. She works strictly will her own illustration style and works closely with clients personal emotional and sentimental concepts and ideas. The wholistic approach a Tattooer utilizes in their work has given her the wellspring of inspiration to create a lifestyle brand that encompasses ass aspects of her aesthetic toward style, design, art and emotion in tangible materia. Each collection of her own art, wearables or curated wares comes with a selective approach that is meant to expire in order to allow room for new collections. When something is sold out, it will rarely be stocked again.

“Tattooing is about self confidence through a form of adornment that we wear throughout our lives. Imbedding our experiences and passions within our skin, it is a form of beauty and personal expression that cannot be possessed by another nor handed down.” 


April 16, 2020 — Gia Rose Rhosin